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Friday, April 08, 2005

Money matters

Here's a link to the "Team Marketing Report", which calculates the "Fan Cost Index" for major league teams in every sport. The upshot - The Cubs cost the 2nd most in MLB to go to a game, while the White Sox cost the 6th.

To which I say - outrageous! Are we (the Sox) the 6th best team in the majors? Do we have the 6th highest attendance?

No, I say. This is ridiculous. Something needs to be done. Jerry Reinsdork and his marketing goons have priced Sox fans, who are generally a more working-class population to begin with, onto their living room couches.

And people gripe about attendance.

I have a simple cure: $5 upper deck tickets, Monday through Thursday. You publicize it, build some goodwill, and put fannies in seats that otherwise would have gone empty.

Brooks Boyer, are you reading this? Probably not.


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