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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Non-baseball related topics? Pshaw!!

Someone mentioned that most if not all of my postst thus far to this blog have been baseball-oriented. To which I say, so?

Honestly, some other topics are coming. I have yet to go to a park this year besides the 4 featured. (Truth be told, I haven't gone to the Urinal this season yet - I'm trying to put it off until May 20-22...) So those posts will be few and far between for a while.

I will be starting up a re-read of my Western Philosophy textbook soon, so I'm sure I'll have some inspiration for non-baseball topics soon..

In the meantime, how about those White Sox? 6-2, best record in the majors, baby!

What's encouraging is generally, they're hitting like crap but still finding ways to squeak out games. The pitching has been mostly terrific. Once they start hitting, they should be a juggernaut...


Blogger acb said...

Dude, did you give up on this already?

9:31 PM

Blogger matthewweflen said...

Nope - just a little busy. More parks to come, as well as more dorky stuff.

3:11 PM

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