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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Scientology: Galactic Overlord Xenu Strikes Back!

All this talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has put Scientology into the fore of entertainment media lately.

Let me say about Tom Cruise - the man is obviously a simpleton to a very high degree. Yes, Tom, I'm sure you have studied the history of psychology and read research studies on Ritalin. Uh huh.

I personally attended a Scientology "sales pitch" with my friend Phil - they have a Lincoln Park office in Chicago, and we decided to go for shits and giggles. It was without a doubt the dumbest crock of shit I've ever been exposed to in my life - and I've watched entire presidential debates, mind you. In addition to the vapidity of the idology espoused, there was plain-faced con artistry at work, as well. Perhaps I'll describe my experience in a little while. Right now, some links to chew on.

Here is an interesting read. It is a biography of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology's deranged and criminally insane founder. Here is a summary of the "religion's" tenets and history. Here is Scientology's official site.

Here are two tracts written by a victim of Scientology. One is a narrative account, the other is a more scholarly analysis.

Unbelievably fascinating reading which should put you off of ever wanting to pay admission for a Tom Cruise or John Travolta movie ever again.

I am interested in meeting and talking to a living, breathing scientologist, whether currently practicing, or "defected." Contact me, Matthew Weflen, at matthewweflen at yahoo dot com.


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