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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bush's war on language, thinking, terror...

Here is a story about the Supreme Court invalidating the Bush administration's policy of not extending Geneva Convention rights to "detainees."

You will note, gentle reader, this passage:

The policy, described in a memo by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, appears to reverse the administration's earlier insistence that the detainees are not prisoners of war and thus subject to the Geneva protections.

The sheer audacity of this administration astounds me. I thought this was a "War" on Terror? I thought all of the bushelfulls of dollars we were throwing at the Department of Defense and "independent" contractors such as Halliburton were for a "War"effort?

But the people we were fighting were not involved in a "War"?

The only war here is being waged against the American people by a fucking lunatic and his power-mad, money-hungry cronies. And let me clue you in... the true combatants don't wear turbans. They wear power suits and little American Flag pins on their lapels.

Please see below for the asteroidal fate I hope they all meet.


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