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Monday, May 23, 2005

Wrigley Field part deux

After having gone to Wrigley this Sunday to see the Mighty White Sox battle the Hapless Cubs, I have some additional thoughts to offer.

This is not a mea culpa: I still think Wrigley is a hell-hole, with at least 50% awful seats and many other terrible characteristics. It is not designed to contain the number of people who cram into it to drink beer and glance passingly at a baseball game. As I sat in the last row of the 100 level, an endless stream of people and vendors bumped into my head and back. The neighborhood is crammed full of derivative, overpriced bars, packed to the gills with simpering boobs bent on acting out their fantasies of Girls Gone Wild videos.

But, on the other hand, I didn't have all that bad a time Sunday. The weather was nice (just about the first time this season), the crowd was somewhat subdued (they have become more so since the advent of interleague play), and I didn't need to go to the bathroom all day, so all in all it was not a bad experience.

One incident in the game brought Sox and Cubs fandom into stark contrast: With Cubs 1B Derek Lee on first, OF Jeromy Burnitz stroked a double down the line. As Lee was rounding second, Sox SS Juan Uribe motioned and told Lee the ball was foul. Lee, ever the retard, stopped in his tracks, as if to go back to first. Then, realizing his idiocy, he actually checked for himself and saw Uribe was pulling his leg. He made it to third, but did not score as he no doubt would have running full steam. The Sox escaped the inning on the next AB without a run scored.

After the game, Cubs manager Dusty Baker and counteless simpering Cubs fans decried this as unsportsmanlike play. Which really brings to light the difference between the teams: Had it happened to a Sox player, Sox fans would be decrying the baserunners' stupidity and no one else. Sox fans know an idiot when they see one, having seen so many. Cubs fans and players, by comparison, whine and bleat like stuck little billy goats, searching the cosmos in vain for someone to blame for their misfortune.


You rule, Juan Uribe! Way to play the mind game.


Blogger ktp said...

As I'm sure others have pointed out, I can't see how Uribe's comment is any different than catchers talking smack to batters. Maybe not the nicest things to do, but part of the game, nonetheless. D. Lee on the basepaths reminds me of Manny Ramirez. And that's no compliment. Luckily for the Cubs, Lee seems to be a slightly more competant fielder than Manny.

1:12 PM


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